Ruthe Burke is a Yoga Somatics, and Pilates Movement Educator, and a graduate of YTI.

Since 2011, Ruthe has been spreading the joy of FUNdamental movement to a long list of
private and corporate clients, including DPER Government Offices, AIB, Bank Of Ireland,
William Fry, Paddypower, Yoga Dublin Studios, The Elbow Room, and Galway Community
“Having practiced Yoga since 1997, I always enjoyed sports and being able to move freely,
especially outdoors, so training with YTI felt like a natural step to take.
Although fit and active, a runner, and student of Yoga and Pilates, I was privately dealing
with Chronic Pain for nearly 4 years. After exploring several medical and complementary
therapy options, it seemed that long-term relief was not on the cards for me.
Then, I discovered the power of Somatics during a YTI seminar.
Finding relief through performing simple Somatic movements was a Eureka moment. I
couldn’t believe that the pain was gone. Though echos returned in the following months,
through practicing the daily “Cat Stretch” exercises, I was able to release any residual
tension and pain, and fully recover.
Through this experience I found a gift. If I could educate and heal myself, I could help
others to do the same. Since 2013, I have trained extensively in Somatic movement, and
developed my Method of Yoga Somatics.
What I have learned is that movement is life and life is in moving. We are as young or old
as our spine can move.
Yoga Somatics teaches self-awareness, kindness, and compassion. During my workshop
we will blend modern science and fundamental movement skills with the ancient yogic
practice of meditation and mindful movement. Above all, it is fun.”

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