Touch is one of the most significant and nurturing early experiences your baby will have. Research has shown that these early experiences can affect many aspects of our lives. Nurturing touch has long-term benefits and can impact how we think, feel, and relate to others, and most importantly, how we value and care for ourselves. Infant massage greatly enhances the early bonding relationship between parents and caregivers and their babies. By using gentle, tactile stimulation along with loving verbal communication, a wonderful bonding experience is shared.


✓ Helps relieve colic and wind

✓ Helps relieve constipation

✓ Eases teething discomfort

✓ Eases congestion

✓ Speeds myelination of nervous system for better brain-body communication

✓ Helps babies to release emotion  and therefore helps relieve  emotional stress

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✓ Massage soothes a baby

✓ Aids sleep patterns

✓ It is a pleasurable experience for both parent and baby

✓ It releases ‘oxytocin’ (also known as the ‘hormone of love’)

✓ Massage helps babies practice handling input and responding to it with relaxation

✓ Enables the release of pent-up tension

✓ Touch relaxation techniques enable parents help their children relax in times of stress

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Studies show that massage impacts on and benefits all systems of the body.

 ✓ it stimulates the circulatory system

✓  it speeds myelination of nervous system

✓  it stimulates the lymphatic system

✓  it stimulates and tones the digestive system

✓ Massage can help to speed development in premature babies

✓ It can help babies to gain weight more easily

✓ It can help babies build up their immunities

✓ It stimulates language skills, as you talk and sing to your baby during massage

✓ It helps with the development of motor skills and coordination

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✓ Massage helps in the bonding process, building a trust and intimacy between parent and baby that will endure through time

✓ It has been shown to assist mothers in recovery from post-natal depression

✓ Early bonds that are warm and close contribute to positive values and positive adult behaviour

✓ The respectful interaction of massage can help improve a parents ability to understand their baby’s body language and cues

✓ The baby being massaged feels heard and respected which helps them to build confidence and a healthy self-image as they grow

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